The Grinnell at 100 is sponsored by
the Audubon Park Alliance

The residents of 800 Riverside Drive celebrating community, a unique sense of place, and an architectural gem
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The Grinnell is a nine-story, triangular apartment building sitting at 800 Riverside Drive, on a plot bounded by Riverside Drive, Edward Morgan Place, and 157th Street.

The Grinnell at 100
A book celebrating the Grinnell’s centennial and centennial year events.

Edited by Matthew Spady
Designed by Jackie Thaw

Featuring photographs of the Grinnell 
by Charles Baum
With staff portraits by Mo Ström

And contributions 
from more than 30 Grinnell residents 
past and present

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A must-have edition for anyone who has ever lived at the Grinnell, this 100-page, full-color book will also have wide appeal for anyone interested in the Audubon Park Historic District, in Washington Heights, or in New York history. 

Through a central historical essay, numerous personal histories, brief biographies of noted Grinnell residents, and dozens of photographs and maps, The Grinnell at 100 traces the Grinnell’s half-acre triangular block from primordial forest to 21st Century co-operative apartment house. 

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If you are interested in filming at the Grinnell, please contact 
Sallie Slate Productions